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Obsidian Circus  (OC)  is an  Art World ,  System of Creativity , and Creative Space for Queer African Creatives ,  intended at honouring creativity as a flow and expression of  the self ;  highlighting the intricacies and complexities of  identity

Sidian is the Creative behind Obsidian Circus. Sidian is both a Visual Artist and Writer whose creations live in OC’s 4 creative movements. Sidian creates shared artistic space for Queer African Creatives to platform themselves and pursue explorations of the self through creative language.

The Team

Portrait of Sidian

Tyler (T) Munyua

T is an Artist, Activist and actor in the AI & Tech space. They are the founder of Obsidian Circus and an activator of conversations in the intersections of Art, Law and Tech. T is also an Art Director, curating exhibitions that use art as an instigatory tool.


Portrait of Tyler
* photographed by Alvin Mwaniki aka Barutti

The OC world is characterised by 4 creative movements :

Sidian’s Black Book Poetry and Written Works. Written word as movement

Conscious Tapping into conversations and connections in the dreaming

Water The exploration of water in spirituality, in concept, in a reminder of the small

Form The body as a vessel of sex, sense, exploration and ways of knowing

The 5th World

Friends of Sidian is the Obsidian Circus World expansion, gallery and archive space that welcomes and platforms Queer African Creatives and their work.

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