A Circus is full of Freaks.

Those who society fear,

Those who roam around in Freedom,

Those in love with their Unique Identity.

The Circus Freak is society's Demon.

A force damned to an eternity of suffering; 

Though this suffering is only brought to those who challenge boundaries, 

And those who do not follow the counterfeit royalties. 

Royalties who should instead be damned 

For convincing the world that it should be encaged. 

Welcome to Sidian's Circus

 OC is an art platform dedicated to the encouragement of social activism and self-development through abstract visual art. It is a space aimed at challenging social norms and overcoming restrictive socio-cultural boundaries.


Art is a lens and a mirror. For art does not have just one interpretation; rather one’s interpretation of a piece of art is a culmination of their identity and how they wish to see the world.