• Sidian

The Bathtub

The bathtub tempts me.

She lies there glistening with darkness,

Despite her physique; bright and white.

She stains quickly.

Never had I imagined it would go this way

But a single drop taints her so.

She and I never got along


We never saw a reason to build a web of trust.

Now the web is spun

and I find myself trapped

In her vines.

She tempts me so.

With an aura so inviting, you have no choice but to…


As you lie there thinking

Whether it is worth

The expense of energy.

Your energy;

My energy.

Forever entangled in that web,

It’s hard to listen to you.

You utter the word repetitively,

But that is a word I removed from my dictionary

A very long time ago.

She tempts me so;

Still and silent.

How her voice is like a siren.

How the perfect lubricant for my veins sways from side to side

Silently, but effectively crashing against her sides.

Tainted, she is.

Now that she has come in contact with this sorrow that stings so deeply.

The bathtub tempts me, and so does the silver.