• Sidian

Should the Eye See

The eye sees a part of life that no one or nothing else does.

Should the eye see life, there is growth.

Like a plant, if given the means from all blocks of life, there is growth and one thrives.

Plants emerge from nothingness.

Their invisible caretakers turn cogs underground in hopes that, by some blessing, their hard work breeds this growth.

If only life were to be understood in a sense so similar.

If only we could merely turn a wheel and spiral into blossom.

Such a life is not intended for the average mortal; that which we are and that which we deny.

The growth period is but a slow, disorganised, chaotic, destructive, appalling wait.

Perhaps a wait in decay if one is not careful of the jewels they touch.

Nevertheless, should the eye continue to see life, there is a slow but barely steady germination; then blossom.

Should the eye decide to see death, there is a sight oh so beautiful.

For death is not as horrific as labelled by humans so attached to their falsely believed immortality.

If one can see death as a passage into something wondrously misunderstood, unknown and undiscovered by us mere mortals, then one can achieve peace in the realm of the unknown.

Nothing is known and will ever be known. There is nothing to compare to the likes and wonders of death.

Maybe in death we burn in the fires built below. Built by the same beings who engineer life. Alas the phoenix rises anew.

Maybe in death we are banished to the truths of life.

Alive, we shall never know the truth.

Alive, we are jailed and forced into a cyclic search for truth. For reality.

Chained to the abyss of life, we are.