• Sidian

Remind Me of a Time When I Felt Something Old

It’s funny how my brain forgets

About the many times you smiled,

And made me want to stay with you, just for a little while


It’s funny how my body moves

In accord with its own free will,

With hopes of sending a sentence, a word, or even a single letter

To bring you joy.

It’s funny how all these memories are strategically erased

From every cell in my body

And how, by some miracle, they rise from their depths,

Only for a moment,

To remind me of a time when I felt something old.

It was never funny.

How we laughed or cried together.

How we stopped and sang together.

Sweet songs of an undying friendship.

But somehow, and I hope to hell its only just for now,

Both my heart and mind laugh.

Because it’s the only way they can react

To something so hard to comprehend.