• Sidian


A dramatized ending,

Lover to a new beginning.

A depression left swimming

By the sands from where I took my souvenir.

A sorrow for a token of my lust,

For the great swooshing power whom I still award my trust.

The dark on the other side

Beams a truth the lovers never could find.

The lovers shared a pizza;

In a gothic building open late.

And that taste was ethereal,

Because the first meal they ate

Was symbolic of that shift.

A shift the world couldn’t miss.

And so, the lovers’ souls were sentenced to an in eternal damnation,

In a realm where they could finally share a kiss.


I asked you, Circus members, to send me words which I will use as inspiration for short poems. Each piece is titled according to the word it was inspired by.

Love, Sidian