• Sidian

Love Poem

They scare me.

With eyes like flames, singeing my soul

With each and every glance

Burning me, alive and whole.

They scare me.

Their stare is like a dagger.

It pierces through the elements that form me, true

What I know now, and what I once knew.

She terrifies me.

Each word she speaks stings my ears.

With every word uttered, so clear,

I have never experienced a pain so dear.

He terrifies me.

His insatiable, yet soft touch makes me weak

And all my thoughts of a lonesome future so bleak

Are now overturned, now that I know I have him.

My reflection frightens me.

With each smile that pours from them.

As they try so desperately to hide that the vessel on the other side

Makes them feel so weak,

And strange.

My reflection frightens me.

Their talent to decipher the complex and unlearnable

Language that graces my essence,

Completes what was missing within me.

Something only they can see.

My reflection consumes me.

They take away my ability to speak,

To make points clear, and to live a life so free.

For they have trapped me in a box,

Wherein neither of us can escape.

Where we are left alone, in an abyss so whole and separate

From the world we are used to

A world so ingenuine.

For the remainder of our days.