• Sidian


Show me your face,

An expression so terrified.

Fear not my cold embrace,

For it is such a delight

To see your eyes alight

As if they knew I was to be your last sight.

Show me the vortex

Behind your gaze.

You are an intimidating force.

An arousing wave,

Carving patterns on my bones

Merge with me.

Show me your smile,

Your glistening lips

Grace my existence with a simple kiss.

Graze softly over my tongue,

Touch me and hold me tight.

Let me slice though that pretty disguise.

Breathe eerie breaths,

And take some of your last.

And know that I cannot help you through this battle.

Because your delicate destruction is my burning passion.


I asked you, Circus members, to send me words which I will use as inspiration for short poems. Each piece is titled according to the word it was inspired by.

Love, Sidian