• Sidian

Big Blue Beauties

Largest of the deep blue, I am

Nurturing all those never amounting to my size.

You are destroying me. You are killing me.

Provider of a mother’s love. I survive as the primary contributor to a cycle so pure.

A cycle translating nothingness into existence.

A giant reaper in my very essence.

However, I do not possess the reputation of the heartless killer; I am quite the opposite.

For I use the energy strengthened by mortality to harvest lives. Many that you destroy for inhumane pleasure.

All death is a contributor to this world you humans call your own.

Though how can you be so heartless towards something you claim to love?

Your contradictory nature astounds me. It is an eerie constant in my ear.

I am the giant that glides through every wave. A guardian and giver of life.

And what are you? The sheer embodiment of death and suffering itself.